Hospitalization Rate Tracking Tool… ...

The Hospitalization Rate Tracking Tool for 2018  is now available! Click here to download the tool.

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INTERACT Guidance on Management… ...

Many skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) have requested an INTERACT® “Care Path” for Sepsis, because this condition has been reported to be a common cause of hospital admissions and readmissions. Please click here for the full announcement.

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INTERACT Guidance on Identification… ...

Some facilities have asked why criteria in INTERACT® Care Paths and Change in Condition guidance (“File Cards”) for clinician notification are not the same as other published criteria for specific infections. Please click here for the full announcement.

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Recent Publications of INTERACT ...

Please click here to read the full announcement.

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INTERACT® (Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers) is a quality improvement program that focuses on the management of acute change in resident condition. It includes clinical and educational tools and strategies for use in every day practice in long-term care facilities.


Certified INTERACTTM Champion (CIC) Program; Recertification for CICs; INTERACT® Training

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Centers of Excellence

Individual Facility; Networks; Health Systems

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INTERACT® Program Implementation; Benchmarking, Data & Tracking; Decision Support Focused Consultation; Care Path Focused Consultation; Hospital and Strategic Relationship Positioning

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INTERACT® Licensing

Printed Materials; Electronic Health Record; Resources, Tools & Products

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